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Etiima (Product Manager)
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myMedicines functions as an online platform for ordering medicines in Africa, connecting licensed pharmacies throughout most states in Nigeria with individuals seeking cost-effective, high-quality medical products. The platform sources medicines from pharmacies nationwide, providing users with easier access and purchasing options while ensuring drug safety.

As part of my role in myMedicines, I am tasked with revamping the website and ensuring the development of mobile versions for Android and Apple, to enable the delivery of medicines to numerous merchants, individuals, and institutions across Nigeria and Africa


The goal for myMedicines project is to reflect the personality of a brand using colors, to improve the overall UX experience, and to create a different platform (mobile) to help the business stay ahead of the curve amidst competition.


The interface is completely intuitive and visual design problems solve. The feedback we got from google store and other platforms was positive. We also added some features that ended up to boosting sales at 23% compared to the previous years. An excellent design system is put in place to guide future products.

Gathering Context

myMedicines requirement gatheringworkshop (August 2021)

“Health products should be easy and not a difficult thing to access”

What did I find out?

The research team conducted interviews and analyzed data to validate the results of my workshops and research for the redesign, both prior to and during the process. We distributed a user survey on social media platforms frequented by our target audience, which generated 25 responses within three days.

This survey was instrumental in identifying necessary features and gaining insight into the actual experiences and expectations of users with medicine ordering applications. Additionally, it corroborated some of the findings from our user interviews.

Customer Behavior

In addition, I discovered that most of the participants in my study prefer to use their mobile devices for ordering medicines, while a small percentage are hesitant to input their card details for payment and instead favor the option to pay in cash upon delivery.


User Flow

Once we had developed the user persona for the application, we utilized it to create a user flow and identify core features, envisioning how a user might progress through the app from the home screen to the page where they complete their objectives. The following illustrates the disparities between the previous process flow and the redesigned one:

Wireframes (Mobile)

Through the collection of user feedback and a more thorough comprehension of the underlying obstacles, I created mid-fidelity wireframes for the app's primary screens. The goal was to streamline the user journey by focusing on the content structure and essential functions. To achieve this, I identified and gave special attention to the core functions.

High Fidelity Designs (Mobile)

Transitioning from Old to New Website

With the web design, our team initiated a design language project that involved defining the user interface and visuals to match those of the mobile app. We established a set of design principles for our colors, typography, and styles, and concentrated on the critical components. This design system will serve as the basis for future releases. The following illustrates the previous design and its issues.

myMedicines web & mobile responsive

Key Findings and Conclusion

According to the results of the testing, all five interviewees confirmed that the new design is easier to use and more straightforward compared to the previous website. While evaluating the product detail page, we recognized the significance of presenting crucial information in a clear manner, such as ratings, reviews, and suggested products, in case users require an alternative product.

As the team lead, my most valuable lesson was ensuring that all team members felt included, and everyone had a designated task that they executed expertly. Additionally, I discovered that concepts and ideas can be extensive, and it's critical to narrow them down initially to achieve favorable outcomes.

Currently, we are still refining and enhancing the web and mobile experience to align with both the business objectives and user preferences.

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