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Ifeanyi (FE Developer)


The new redesign of NodCredit is aimed at modernizing the microfinance institution's website and services to improve user experience and make it easier for individuals to access loans. The previous design of Nod Credit may have been effective in solving initial problems during its entry into the market, but the new design seeks to captivate and engage users with more intuitive and appealing designs.

The redesign may incorporate new features that can further streamline the loan application process and make it more convenient for users. Overall, the redesign of Nod Credit's website and services will help the company stay competitive and better meet the needs of its customers.

Achieving the goal

To achieve the goal I examined the current designs, conducting a comprehensive UX audit and testing various iterations. I found out the following needs.

How I was able to achieve this Goal?


While we had a clear understanding of the business requirements from the stakeholder's perspective, to gain a comprehensive understanding from an end-user's viewpoint, I conducted a series of phone interviews with some of the existing customers. My primary objective during this phase was to ascertain the reasons behind users abandoning the loan request process after gaining access to their account dashboard.

Gathering Information

The goal was to enhance user interaction and facilitate effortless navigation through a more aesthetically pleasing design, coupled with improved perceived interface responsiveness. I analyzed the user flows and incorporated new and upgraded components.

Commencing with the landing pages, I scrutinized the pages, flows, and functionalities, ensuring they were in sync with current trends. I charted out essential features that would enhance decision-making and guarantee that relevant content and features were easily accessible

User Flow

I improved the application's flow based on the feedback I received. The product is primarily designed for two main types of users:
The Borrower — Person who collects loan from the company (Nodcredit).
The Investor — Person who invest his/her money for the purpose of getting returns

Transitioning from Old to New (Landing Page)

Mobile old 1Mobile new 1
Old desktop 1NEW DESKTOP 2.0

Borrower Loan Portal

Investor Portal

Other Screens


Through working on this project, I gained valuable insights as I do with every project I undertake.
I kept an open mind capturing factors that impacts users ability to access loans. For example, resolving systematic barriers or biases that made access to loans difficult through design and also improving communication in the loan process as the previous design had issues with loan applicants being unable to access loans due to unclear information.

Major Achievements

- Successfully eliminated loan application rejections.
- Boosted the rate of loan approvals and disbursements.
- Upgraded the product's visual appearance.
- Introduced an investment option for our customers

I am glad that making a few changes to Nodcredit design language has brought much impact, attracting more users and providing greater value to their existing users.

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