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Design Lead
Wireframing & UI


Austin (Designer)
Patrick (Developer)
Charles (Product Mgr.)


The current challenge of traveling includes increased mobility across different states, which leads to potential exposure to dangers and delays in journeys. This can cause stress and concern for both the travelers and their loved ones.
Saferest app will be providing a solution for tracking and monitoring their movements and giving users a way to confirm the safety of their friends and loved ones through real-time location data and an interactive interface. The app provides peace of mind for travelers and their loved ones.


To address the potential dangers with Saferest, I would start by thoroughly understanding the users' concerns and conducting a competitive analysis of existing solutions. My design direction would be based on my findings and hypothesis.
This involved developing all necessary components to create a user-friendly mobile app with an attractive interface, highlighting its unique features and an admin dashboard for a complete view of the app's performance.

My approach to the Solution

User Interview

To kickstart my research I had an interesting chat with Commuters. I conducted a survey amongst 10 users, young adults (18-24), Adults (25-44) and older adults (45+). I wanted to gain a better understanding of their needs, preferences, and behaviors related to personal safety.

This information can help inform the design, development, and marketing of the app to ensure that it meets the needs of its target audience. It's important to keep in mind that these age groups are not mutually exclusive, and individuals of any age can belong to multiple categories

To gain a better understanding of other apps that solve the existing problems and to ensure that I don’t miss out on key aspects of the solutions implemented by them. I ran a side-by-side comparison of the most popular trip-planning apps.


The process illustrated below shows how I went through the steps to achieve a seamless integration of business and design goals. The persona presented below was created for the project based on the insights gathered from the storyboarding exercise.


The persona presented below was created for the project based on the insights gathered from the storyboarding exercise.

Costumer user Journey map

“How can we manage potential challenges or problems that travelers might face, and how can the app address or mitigate these issues?”

Creating the User Experience

In other to create an institutive user experience for our users , The user flow was designed to serves as a communication tool between the design team and stakeholders, as it visually represents the intended user experience.
I examined some high-level scenarios in order to investigate prototype concepts that could be prioritized based on the needs of the personas and the objectives of the business

Admin Portal(Wireframes/UI Visuals)

After completing the design for the mobile app, I proceeded to create wireframes for the admin panel, as it was necessary to have a clear understanding of the clients requirements. This step enabled me to test and refine the basic functionality of the app or website before moving on to the actual design and development stages.


Network availability; The availability of network connection is a technical constraint that will affect the app's performance in areas with poor or no network coverage, limiting its ability to provide real-time data updates or communicate with other services. To address this issue, improvements will be made in the next version of the app.


One of the challenges that I encountered during the project was balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the users. It was important for me to find a design solution that met both sets of requirements. Additionally, technical constraints, such as network availability and device compatibility, posed significant challenges to the design process.


Overall, I am proud of the work that my team and I were able to accomplish. The final product met the needs of both the business and the users, and I feel that we were able to create a design solution that was both functional and visually appealing. I am eagerly anticipating the app's launch in Q3 2023.

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