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Uche (UI Designer)
Hannah (UX Designer)
Franklyn (Business Analyst)
Etiima (Product Manager)


Advantage Health Africa (aha!), a business-to-business and direct-to-consumer health technology Group, has devised a technology-enabled pharmacy franchise model (my pharmacy) to address the problem of limited access to quality healthcare in Nigeria and potentially for similar markets across Africa.

The PMS currently leverages a chain of retail pharmacies in Nigeria to deliver the best care and services to customers using their integrated POS feature and other management modules that caters for healthcare businesses across several points on the value chain, however the business needs to redesign Advantage PMS to accommodate changes to deliver the best care and services to customers across the nation.


Gathering Information

For this phase, I wanted to first learn more about the current way the app works, since there is an existing design; I went through the flow, took some feedback from the stakeholders. I then conducted user interviews and surveys for potential users online. The users were pharmacists , patients and general users.

User Interview Key Findings

1. The AHA stakeholders are not satisfied with the design and concur that it is outdated
2. Users desire to schedule an appointment with a pharmacist and have their records updated.
3. Pharmacists wish to be capable of tracking the medical history of their patients

Comparison of functionality within competitors

As a first-time market entrant, it is crucial to conduct a review of existing solutions. In doing so, I examined other management solutions that were already available, focusing on their features, functionality, main purpose, interview responses, and general usability in a general competitive analysis. This approach enabled me to evaluate the competition and pinpoint areas where we could gain a competitive advantage.

* At this stage I did not limit myself to strictly pharmaceutical management solutions as I needed to validate and assess several of my assumptions and hypotheses.

Key take away

1. The majority of competitors do not have a health condition tracking feature
2. Some of the other solutions do not display medication history
3. There is no automated customer follow-up


Upon conducting research and gathering data, I proceeded to develop wireframes for the product. Creating a wireframe for the home screen allowed me to quickly visualize ideas, test them, and iterate based on feedback from the client before commencing with the actual visual design.

Visual Design

With the colors and design-system repository put in place. The next phase was to bring the UI designs to hi-fidelity.

Birthing a new design (Old vs New)

Old design Mobile 2New design mobile
Old PMS Design 1New Design pms 1

New feature for users

Based on the feedback gotten from our interviews we decided to integrate a “Medication History” feature into the new design, to provide a foundation for assessing patient’s current therapy and directing future treatment choices.

User Test Sessions

Participants from diverse pharmacies and Advantage Health Africa staff were recruited for our study. We created test scripts and questionnaires and carried out in-house testing sessions to validate crucial design concepts and obtain input from current customers.
The testing session included 8 users and aimed to evaluate their ability to complete specific tasks and identify any potential usability issues. The majority of the 6 users who took part were able to navigate through the test script with ease and successfully fulfill the assigned tasks.


Overall, I am proud of the work that my team and I were able to accomplish. The final product met the needs of both the business and the users, and I feel that we were able to create a design solution that was both functional and visually appealing. I am eagerly anticipating the app's launch in Q3 2023.

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